Friday, May 26, 2017

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A golf ball next to the pin. Photo by: Tyler Hendy /

Now Streaming: The PGA Tour Live on Twitter

The Invitational is held at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, Texas. Daily coverage of the 71st DEAN & DELUCA Invitational is streaming live...
Silicon Valley season 1, episode 6 screenshot. Photo by: hbostore / YouTube

Silicon Valley by HBO Season 1, Episode 6 – Show Review

Richard and his doctor start off the sixth episode with dialogue covering Richard’s physical health. Their conversation displays the unhealthy amount of stress certain...

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Samsung Gear VR. Photo by: Samsung Newsroom

Oculus and Samsung release a Series of new Virtual Reality Titles for Gear VR

Samsung and Oculus is working together to provide over 20 new virtual reality projects to Gear VR. In addition to the new titles, Samsung also...
The Backwater Bridge on Highway 1806 over Cantapeda Creek. Water Protectors during a peaceful prayer ceremony in front of the police brigade. Image from the film AWAKE: A DREAM FROM STANDING ROCK captured by Myron Dewey

Tribeca Film Festival 2017 in New York City Starts off with a Bang from...

The Tribeca Film Festival is officially taking place across New York City with film, music, and interactive projects to explore. On opening night, Clive Davis...
A women on a laptop using Facebook within a browser. Photo by: Kaboompics // Karolina /

The Facebook F8 Conference Lacks to Deliver Innovative New Products

The first day to the Facebook F8 Conference was held today. Overall I felt it lacked focus at demoing new products to get people excited...

Affiliated website: Natasha Zaretsky, writer and SIU professor. Link: Natasha Zaretsky Online


Explore the recent Advancements in India and Germany with Renewable Energy

A person running through a field. Photo by:
Germany is one of the more progressive countries with a larger population that aims to produce 80 percent of their energy via renewable energy by...

A List of Political Setbacks that the 2020 Administration must Address...

The White House. Photo by: Aaron Kittredge /
The current political administration is so incompetent, it drove me to keep a document of their poor decisions, and continue to update it for...

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