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The Crescent Vale Network works with private and public companies to help build awareness for their products.

Matthew McGuire using digital media in the classroom. Photo by: SIUC MCMA
Matthew McGuire using digital media in the classroom. Photo by: SIUC MCMA

We provide technical support for Web production, advertising, video production, photography and our main goal is to help bridge cultural gaps with diverse forms of media.

In addition to publishing content on our main website, we also have content running on the following platforms and applications: Apple News, Google News, Flipboard, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook Instant Articles, Pinterest, YouTube, and we continue to look for additional online publishing options. Our goal is to connect with audiences on the devices and applications that they use the most often.

Our team continues to provide engaging content to worldwide audiences.

The main editor and founder of Crescent Vale is Matthew McGuire. He has built a strong reputation in the field of journalism with over ten years experience publishing content on the Web.

Our privacy policy is in compliance with GDPR. We only use data setup with Google Analytics internally. We do not sell any data to third party companies.

As a disclaimer, the articles and written information on this site is comprised of independent journalists and a collection of highly credible sources.

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    Matthew McGuire | Editor & Field Correspondent

    Matthew McGuire, editor and founder at Crescent Vale.

    In 2009, Jason Ross and myself co-founded the Crescent Vale News Network in Carbondale, Illinois. We have been working together to provide our audience media and news-related topics with the goal of unifying people from different cultures.

    The company officially formed in 2010, and is currently based out of Carbondale, Ill.

    • In September 2016, Crescent Vale was accepted into Google News.
    • Crescent Vale is an interactive company that builds websites for outside organizations.
    • We broadcast live news, formulate interviews and reviews, publish news, advertising, as well as shot, edit and produce short films.
    • The 81st Designated Market Area (DMA) is made up of Paducah, Cape Girardeau, Marion, Carbondale, Mcleansboro, Popular Bluff, as well as a region comprised of 44 counties, including 14 in Missouri, 15 in Illinois, 12 in Kentucky and 3 in Tennessee. We hold the #2 most viewed, and subscribed to YouTube channel in the area. We currently have over 1,000 subscribers and over a million views.
    • We currently manage the #1 most subscribed to Google+ page in our market area. We are the #1 most viewed page in the region with over 25 million views.
    • The website hosts viewers from over 100 countries worldwide each month.
    • Crescent Vale’s Twitter feed averages over 2,500 views per day with promoted tweets, and on average generates 1,000 views per day with standard content.

    Tony Smith | Southeast Media Representative

    Tony Smith.

    Tony has been apart of the Crescent Vale Network since the beginning in 2010.

    Over the past four years he has helped: filmed, record, edit, manage marketing campaigns, and currently oversees content development in the Southeast. He is an excellent source of information on media, business and advertising.

    Nicholas Hess | Photographer and Multimedia Producer

    Nicholas Hess

    Nicholas Hess started with us and on the same assignment in the fall of 2011. Since that point, he has helped cover nationwide events, edited multimedia projects together in illustrative packages for clients and has continued to help develop content with subjects on any level.

    Jason Ross | Editor and Co-Founder of Crescent Vale

    Jason Ross

    The Crescent Vale Network works with private and public companies to help build awareness for their product, provide technical support for web production, and help bridge cultural gaps with diverse forms of media.

    During the past four years our content has been viewed in over 200 countries worldwide. As the editor of the network, I focus on producing quality content that will impact the world in a positive manner.

    Jessa Brooke | Writer and Producer

    Jessa Brooke

    Brooke helped contribute to the travel and culture sections of the website. She has produced written articles on technology and cybersecurity.

    Currently, Brooke lives in Texas and is working on a technical degree in computer science.

    Theodore King | Writer & Multimedia

    Teddy KingTeddy King has been helping promote and distribute Crescent Vale content since the birth of the company in 2010. King is now writing and helping with multimedia projects. Stay connected for more the Crescent Vale Network.