Saturday, December 16, 2017

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The Crescent Vale News Network provides news coverage on music, technology, film, art, politics, environmental topics, and worldwide events.

Along with building websites for clients, we have a list of new services available to browse over that started production in June 2017. Let us know if we can help assist you with your goals.

Ad blockers continue to decrease the amount of exposure ads should be obtaining across the Web. Companies and producers will now be able to enhance their brand awareness with promoted articles and sponsored stories. Promoted articles will have a thumbnail and short clip of text coded along with stories that directs viewers to that specific article. Sponsored stories will remain on the website, but not be as heavily promoted.

  • Promoted articles: Filmmakers, musicians, artists, industry leaders, and environmentalists can connect with us for interviews, multimedia and written Web articles featuring their material. We will have to label sponsored stories and promoted articles on our website. 
  • Standard promoted articles will cover up to 500 words, a stock photograph for the feature image, up to a dozen links, displayed as a thumbnail with a textual brief on Crescent Vale blog posts for 20,000 views, mailed out in our monthly newsletter, and standard posting on our social media channels. After the thumbnail callout reaches over 20,000 views, we will move the article to sponsored stories.
  • Price for standard promotional articles up to 500 words is $80 per article. For articles longer than 500 words, we will need to charge $10 for each 100 words.
  • Interviews run close to 1,000-1,500 words.
  • Social media advertising: Often a Web article will need to gain traffic to generate optimal results. Producers can pay any amount to promote their article on our social media platforms.
  • Facebook: When producers spend $100 to promote their article on Facebook we can currently showcase that article to 29,000 – 77,000 viewers over a seven day period.
  • Twitter: When producers spend $100 to promote their article on Twitter, over 48,000 viewers will see the material, and over 250 people will engage with the content.
  • YouTube: Connect with us for video production, editing, and promoting your content on our channel.

In some cases, companies may want to purchase native advertising space. Contact us for more information.

Please feel out the form below if you need any help online with our Web production services. Payments will be made via Paypal or by physical mail.

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