TED-Ed | Virtual Discussion on Project Glass

Google Glass is breaking into 2013 with some of the biggest news in technology since the cell phone was released. The glasses price has been quoted around $1,500 for the first generation of devices. In order to share all the latest features that the glasses has to offer, we created an interactive presentation for early adopters and students of all ages to browse and explore.
A list of the features that you can find on the Google Glass main website includes: informs users on what time is currently is, and for those who fall asleep with their glasses on, it may have an alarm clock as well. The glasses will be able to record film and take still images with voice activation, (hands free photo and film recording device.) Streams photos and video live to Google Hangouts. Users can setup an online meeting location, and share multiple video feeds in one conference. The glasses will provide internal screens with voice-activated controls. Users will be able to display directions, browser information, live video feeds, stopwatch, inventory items, calendar data and setting options available on the inner screen to the glasses. This device will also pioneer voice-activted messaging, and bridge cultural gaps with a language translator for touring to different parts of the world.

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