Walkthrough and Overview on Adobe CS6 Products

Adobe has made major changes to several of their products this past year, and we have all the updates ready to view with the Creative Cloud. In the presentation below we have three videos that cover the updates to the previous existing programs, and an introductory view on the brand new software from Adobe. There is one video that is link up with the Creative Cloud membership. I have personally purchased single software programs, packaged programs and now I am using the Creative Cloud to access Adobe’s content management system.
The Crescent Vale Network continues to find new avenues to produce online content. We produce a monthly online publication that is currently in a state of transition. Over the next few months we will acquire the ability to provide users the function to download our publications, and enjoy them without a wi-fi signal.
Over the past 6 years we have worked with Adobe programs. Currently I am student teaching classes in media production for the web at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The presentation below is for my students to view at their leisure, and for possible viewers outside of out classroom.

Prezi Lecture Presentation