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Sun Stereo Interview with Kelly McMorris

Kelly McMorris (music, lyrics, vocals, keys) has been writing music, performing in a plethora of projects, and all the while canvassing the gutters and bowels of churches, saloons, and opera houses for the perfect concoction of thugs and miscreants to transpire his musical vision.

Q. How does it feel being one of the up-and-coming bands in the Midwest?
A. It is like every day is my birthday.

Q. Is there a lot of pressure to continuously raising the bar with your creative work?
A. Yeah, but it’s strictly internal.


Q. What country would you like to visit in regards to inspiration from different musical heritages?
A. Ohio

Q. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
A. Every single one.

Q. What kind of venue do you enjoy performing the most?
A. I love playing outdoors. I also love playing house parties…the intimacy of having people in your face, no authority, and the possibility of drunk kids crashing into/spilling beer/ruining your gear at any time keeps it fresh.

Q. Is there a date set for the 2nd album release?
A. There’s no hard date set. We’re currently wrapping up the loose ends now, so it should be done this summer.

Q. Which musician would you like to work with the most that is scheduled to perform at the Summer Camp Music Festival?
A. Medeski Martin & Wood….or Lettuce

Q. What kind of keyboard are you currently using? Do you see yourself changing your equipment anytime soon?
A. I’m using a Yamaha s90 es. I love it. I don’t see myself changing any time soon….but, you never know.

Q. What is your favorite outdoor activity to enjoy during spring and summer.
A. Jogging at a local prairie preserve…or watching TV.

Q. Do you have any special points or announcements you would like to make?
A. We are currently developing a Sun Stereo Theme Park. Completion is scheduled for the Spring of 2016.

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