Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Mosquito by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs + 20-Person Gospel Choir Makeup “Mosquito”

In spirit of Record Store Day the editors of the Crescent Vale Network have picked up some new albums to review for your reading pleasure. The first album that we take in is “Mosquito” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The New York powerhouse propels audiences through a wicked set of audio soundscapes.


‘Sacrilege’ starts off the bloodsucking fun with one of the strongest female vocalist in music showing off how the Yeah Yeah Yeahs continue to control the lead in rock music. Karen O belts out her patient vocals with a twenty person backup choir on top of the heavy rock rhythm structure created by Nick Zinner and Brian Chase. This album was released in the UK on Monday, April 15, and in the US on April 16.

The self-titled track ‘Mosquito’ pumps up the BPM to easily create dance parties in locations that track is played. During the first listen of this album, the top floor of the apartment building I live, all stopped what they were doing to come over and listen to “Mosquito” with me. Guests started getting a little wilder when the tracks ‘Mosquito’ and ‘Area 52’ were being streamed live out of my room.

Another mouthwatering treat that the album provides is ‘Buried Alive’ featuring Dr. Octagon. The hip-hop overtones layered well with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs heavy rock core. The beat gave room for Karen O to sing and put her own feel to the song, while still leaving room for Dr. Octagon to mix a style of rap into ‘Buried Alive’.

One of the most engaging song of the album for me is ‘Despair’ for the California style guitar playing by-virtue-of the East Coast. The drums drop almost two minutes into the track. It provides a certain level of importance when the band chooses to use the drums in their songs. Chase performs the Zildjian cymbals vigorously throughout the entire album.

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