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YouTube - Photo Provided
YouTube – Photo Provided

YouTube Creator Academy has just released content for producers on YouTube to obtain to learn new ways on how to increase viewership. Today, Wednesday June 5, Google & YouTube are streamlining the new YouTube One Channel layout. They are offering classes to provide a better understanding of how the new layout can benefit online producers.

The course is broken down by weeks, and has additional tutoring by trained professionals if needed for no charge. The whole program is free. It is another step forward in sharing information online. It always helps having a video tutorial to go along with learning a new skill. YouTube has perfected this idea, and is now providing direct instruction for those looking to beef up their YouTube channels.


After completing three lessons of requirements for the program, it is clear that YouTube is ready help newcomers learns the ropes. The new channel layout is filled with new functions, such as the branding with channel art, strategies to increase watch time and much more. There is a quiz at the end of each lesson. The program is worth the small amount of time.

Want to Hangout with the Pros? Join any of these broadcasted Hangouts on Air:

Thursday, June 6, 9 am PDT (UTC 16:00/ world time zones)
with special guests: Andre Meadows, Laura and Joe Vitale

Thursday, June 6, 4 pm PDT (UTC 23:00/ world time zones)
with special guests: Andre Meadows, Taryn Southern, & Richard Ryan

We’ll be holding sessions at 2 different times so we can reach many different time zones. As different questions are likely to be asked, you’ll be able to see both Hangouts on the Google+ page in the days to come.

To find more free online courses on your favorite subject, check out Open Culture for a catalog of free online classes to develop skills on for future projects.

YouTube Creator Academy Overview

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