Online Data Mining with Google Databoard

First we take a look at trends regarding mobile web usage by Google and Nielsen Life360 during 2012. The online marketplace for mobile devices is the new Gateway to the West for the digital landscape. Data mining can be compared to gold mining during the gold rush. We want to help guide web users through the complex terrain of research and tools provided online for free with Google.

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Mobile Search

Mobile search is a term that is growing in popularity, but may be unclear to some readers. The overall premise of mobile search is not only users searching content on the web, but the advertising and electronic commerce that plays into the experience as well.

One of the trends in mobile search that helped me understand consumer behavior is that 75% of searches occur in the afternoon and evening. There was also a surprising amount searches for travel locations comprised of people at school. If I were a travel advertising agency, I would create a large amount of mobile ads pitched to college students around peak school hours.

This study aims to understand mobile search in the sense of how it drives multi-channel conversions, drives behaviors in the moment, and users’ perceptions of mobile search ads. We’ll explore where, when, who, and how mobile search happens, the triggered action and conversions triggered by mobile, ad how people perceive mobile advertising. – Google Methodology

Multi-Screen Consumer Trends

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Consumers have been transitioning to mobile content, and making strong responses to their virtual experiences. 28% of mobile searches results in a store visit, call, or purchase. Automotive, beauty and travel ads lead the pack in mobile ad production conversion rates. Arts and entertainment, and healthcare both have some ground to makeup in mobile ad development.

Mobile search creates 30% more likely chance that consumers will stop by a retailers website after participating with their mobile marketing campaigns.


Mobile Ads that Drive Consumers

Google Databoard

Effective mobile ads have an 84% conversion rate within five hours to a follow up interaction with businesses following a positive mobile search experience. It can be noted that the rate drops dramatically after 24 hours of contact with mobile search advertising options.

The overall majority that participated in the research on mobile advertising pointed out that they feel mobile ads are quick to the point and useful. This shows a growing demand for concise advertising campaigns.

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