Words by Matthew McGuire

Google Steps Up in Social Media

Google Plus users will be able to monitor their websites connected with Google now directly from their dashboard. They have been making additions to the users dashboard section of the platform, and these recent upgrades are exciting news for web producers.

Google has been in a beta stage with their social network for years. One of their biggest assets that they have to offer consumers via social networking is their defined analytics. Recently they have started to provide analytics for the G+ users, and the wait is now over.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 6.34.12 PM

Clients can interact with Google Hangouts and conference call their business partners easily with Google. Bands arrange intimate meetings with fans, business leaders make deals virtually, and instructors relay education to the next generation all on the Google Plus platform.

Web editors can easily file through notifications for the page with a new area of the dashboard. Users can quickly note their YouTube statistics for the month. It is easy to keep track of all your Google products all in one place with the new and improved dashboard.

The Google Plus team has made it even easier to manage the progress of your connected websites with Google Analytics. The new features provide a panel that shows the amount of traffic your websites collect with new visits, unique visitors and page views for the pervious month.