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Tesla Motors has recently hit their 100th Supercharger Station milestone, and they show no signs of turning back. Currently the company has setup 86 stations in North America collectivity.

They have 14 stations currently in Europe, and two recent stations in China. Clean energy advocates has started combining together to fight pollution. Indirectly Tesla is also making our roads safer.

The Superchager Stations have started to redefine the makeup of the suburban sprawl. Drivers can start to take advantage of the stations that provide 180 miles of travel.

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By 2015, Tesla has setup a plan to provide users the ability to have Supercharger Stations within 100 miles across from one another. A complete charge has enough power to help travels go over 180 miles. In a little over a year, Tesla will have built a support system to provide power to electric vehicles nationwide.

This pattern appears to have a synergy that will travel worldwide.

In fact, Model S drivers have already charged enough at Superchargers to circle the globe 573 times.

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