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The Crescent Vale Network is excited to publish the first web article by Teddy King. In the past, King has helped with videography, voice over work, promotions and networking large scale events. This marks his second time at the Hangout Music Festival. This year we will be covering the event, and King has already started to catch the Hangout Fest fever. Review his first piece, and stay connect for more material from the Crescent Vale Network.

This will be my 2nd year attending one of the most beautiful and fun festivals in the country. The 2014 Hangout Music Festival is located at 101 E Beach Blvd in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The party kicks off with a pre-celebratory jam session on Thursday, May 15th.

There will be a plethora of artists performing Thursday through Sunday. In this article Gregg Gillis earns my “Hot Artist Spotlight”, stage name Girl Talk. Girl Talk will be preforming a DJ set Thursday night at the pre-party. Girl Talk has an innate ability to recontexualize popular music and creates a seamless flow of music that assaults the sensory. The result is an exquisite blend of music that transfers without hesitation providing a tempo that drives the adrenaline with each recognizable song that breathes afresh. The energy, passion, and feeling of the music is almost indescribable, the best way to describe is an extreme euphoric state.

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Girl Talk has found its home and while it’s a familiar feeling at the same time it offers many unusual and surprising affects that blend together to create a unique listening experience. This is not your traditional mash up music genre. Girl Talk has found the recipe that makes you feel that you listening to completely new originals with a future update. That is why Gregg Gillis a.k.a Girl Talk has earned the “Hot Arist Spotlight” for Hangout 2014 Music Festival.


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