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Hangout Music Festival 2014 Artist Breakout Le1f By Theodore King 5/5/2014

Khalif Diouf also known by his stage name Le1F will be preforming Sunday May 18th, on the Red Bull Sound Select Stage. Khalif Diouf genre would be described as hip hop, electronic, rap and alternative that blends together to create an original music experience.

Khalif has an extravagant style that is uniquely his own that sometimes shocks and also amazes. The released of his first mixtape “Dark York” in April of 2012 quickly caught on with a popular track labeled “Wut”, which was later brought to life in a music video June of 2012.

Over the next few years Khalif would go on to release two more mixtapes that featured artists such as Spank Rock, DonChristian, and Kitty. With momentum in tow Khalif made his national TV debut appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman March 13, 2014. With his recent success and a full head of steam Khalif is poised take Hangout like a surging volcano.

The stage will be on fire and the crowd will be churning like magma fueling an inferno. With his unique style and electric stage persona this is one show you do not want to miss. We are eagerly counting down the days until Hangout is upon us and we look forward to seeing you there and sharing the experience with us.

If you were to picture a massive clock and all the interconnecting pieces that fit perfectly together to move the hands around the face, you would get an idea of the complexity that goes into pulling of a festival of this grandeur. In the middle of this controlled chaos is thousands upon thousands of excited festival goers.

The crowd spills onto the festival grounds like a typhoon making landfall. The surge pours through the gates enveloping everything in its sights. It’s a spectacle to witness and the energy and momentum builds as the crowd eagerly dart from stage to stage to catch their favorite artists. A festival of this magnitude provides the swarming masses with an array of new artist to discover and veteran’s to enjoy.

Scattered throughout the festival grounds are 6 unique stages that will provide the artist with a platform to electrify the throng of attendee’s. With Hangout rapidly approaching there is an exceptionally talented artist that is emerging on the scene that should not go unnoticed. 



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