blu on the beach at Hangout 2014
blu on the beach at Hangout 2014

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Steve Adams, Dave Brogan, Dan Lebowitz and Zach Gill collectively form the Animal Liberation Orchestra, a.k.a ALO.


This well-established four piece has been perfecting their craft for years. Their set from 2:30-3:30 on the Palladia Stage is a definite must-see performance at the Hangout Music Festival. A collection of their catalog may touch upon the relaxing and seductive elements close to their good friend Jack Johnson, but ALO has a fire and intensity that is slightly juxtaposed to Johnson’s laid back approach.

“ALO produces some of the finest west coast vibes within their music.”

Last summer, I talked with the members of ALO on their first time performing at the 2010 Hangout Music and Arts Festival. Watch the clip starting at 14:20 for the Hangout story.

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After asking the band when was there a moment when you needed a chopper; they responded with following their set at the first Hangout. All the Hangout veterans will probably remember the rain during the first year. It is a blessing to have such incredible weather, (especially after the bad weather throughout this year.)

Members from the band accompanied Jack Johnson during a fill in set at the Bonnaroo Music Festival last summer. This year they have been touring the west coast, working on material and finding new ways to connect with fans.

ALO is one of the most legendary groups that I have been able to get to know. Their music history is something that everyone should get into. Stop by their show today at 2:30 to get your first taste or another set in with Animal Liberation Orchestra.

ALO on the Palladia Stage 2:30-3:30

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