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Lotus remixes and produces an organically sublime album for the ages.

Lotus sets in motion “Gilded Age” to remind listeners they haven’t lost the hunger to production. This album is a well done reflection of the band itself. All tracks recorded and mixed by Jonathon Low at Miner Street Studio (Philadelphia) except The Oaks recorded at Firebrand Studio (St. Louis) by Brian Scheffer. Mastered by Alan Douches West West Side Music. 

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Listen in to how the band has evolved their sound since releasing “Monks” and “Build” last year. One element that I first take away from this album is a deeper level of intensity from Mike on guitar. The keyboards and synthesizer have been tweaked from “Gilded Age” as well to bring it new layers and textures.

Lotus did continue their remixing theme on this album with the first six tracks being straight up Lotus tracks, in addition to having four remixed tracks featuring: Kilowatts, D.V.S*, Marley Carroll and Skytree.

This can help show the evolution of the band. On “Monks” they remixed tracks with hip-hop MCs. “Gilded Age” takes us on a roller coaster of remixing with some of the hottest downtempo DJs. ‘The Oaks’ remixed by D.V.S* is one of the top tracks on the album.

Luke and Jesse have been working with side projects over the past year. Their exploration in music can be noted in how they craft their own records. The guitar may be more heavy, but the drumming has toned down a bit on this project. It provides more groove to relax with, but could use a better balance of fast and slow paced tracks.

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‘Out of Focus’ delivers a remix by Kilowatts that sucks in listeners to the sublime atmosphere built by Lotus. Each of the remixed tracks add textual content that reflects the DJs that have been brought on to aid the album.

Marley Carroll dials in ‘I Want it All’ with an urbanized, industrial tone to the record. It is reminiscent of traveling in waterways near Philadelphia at night. Carroll had recently toured with Emancipator, and that partnership can be felt in his remix.

Tour News:

The band is currently on the road this summer with stops all across the country. Gathering of the Vibes had asked the group for a special set, and they are delivering nothing short of that this August with a Talking Heads deconstructive set remixed with some of their music.

They have just been booked for Moe. Down 15 in upstate New York. Also during the concluding weekend in August they host Summerdance in Garrettsville, Ohio.

After taking a break the band will be headlining Red Rocks once again with Papadosio and Orchard Lounge.


Mike Greenfield – drums | Luke Miller – guitar, piano, organ | Jesse Miller – bass | Chuck Morris – percussion | Mike Rempel – guitar

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Lotus News

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