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The Hangout Music Festival is releasing weekend passes for their 2015 event this Wednesday, August 6. Hangout has released a breakdown on how much guests can save by picking up their passes early.

It is noted that 70+ bands will be on hand for the 2015 event. VIP passes provide a comfortable viewing experience for the larger acts at the event, as well as refreshing pools and hot tubs.


GA Tickets: $189 (Regular Price: $249)
3-day admission, 6 stages, 70+ bands.

VIP Tickets: $799 (Regular Price: $999)
Free drinks, swimming pools and complimentary snacks.

Super VIP Tickets: $1399 (Regular Price: $1499)
Watch main stage acts from the comfort of a hot tub. Yes, that’s right. Hot tubs.


Review the interview and coverage from the 2014 Hangout Music Festival with our quick guide below. Plan ahead, and be ready for a weekend of a lifetime. Watch the official Hangout Music Festival recap video, and get ready for next Wednesday.

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