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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Amp up for the 3rd Annual Rowdytown hosted by the illustrious duo known as Big Gigantic. The Colorado natives have made a name for themselves on a global scale, and now return to home this September 26 & 27. This year they are packing Red Rock Amphitheater with  Savoy, DVBBS and The Floozies on Friday night, and The New Deal, as well as CAKED UP, HeRobust on Saturday with 2 special tweener sets by Trippy Turtle both nights.


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Our history with Big Gigantic starts back in the fall of 2010. One of my close friends threw the event, and I helped on with media. The headlining acts that year included: The Emmitt- Nershi Band and Big Gigantic. It was the first time seeing Big G perform live, and I will never forget it. The friend that threw the event has passed away, and my colleague that helped with media has also passed away.

The reason I get personal about this group is to show how music can carry on memories of our friends that have now moved on. In 2010 Big Gigantic was still gaining momentum, and our event was a nice stepping stone for the group. More importantly the group brought together people from all over my local area for one of the only times this decade. To me, that is a powerful thing. When the duo returns to Colorado to perform for their home crowd, I can only imagine the importance it holds to so many music fans. A lot of critics want to knock EDM, and the crowd that it is comprised of overall, but to me, it is one of the most beautiful things in the world to see a band bring together so many people.

Music can be therapy in so many ways. One a basic level, music provides the bass line for us all to connect to as one. One on a more complex level, the bmp that we listen to is a reflection of our age, the artists we listen to make up similar moral codes, and the bands we watch is ritually based. Our generation needs to continue to make new traditions, such as Rowdytown, but also uphold previous traditions to obtain knowledge that can be shared from the past.

As we move forward, the outlet has continued to cover the band and showcase their work to our audience. We hope to be able to cover the performances on Saturday night in Morrison, Colorado. Jessica Yoches will be with us on Saturday night. Yoches has noted that there will be a wild after party at Cervantes’ Other Side that will feature Dead Floyd covering “Animals” along with AfroZep and Otis Heat. Look for us to be all over Denver. We also have friends at the 1up and RAQ at Quixotes later in the evening.

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