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Words by: Matthew McGuire

Walther Productions has announced that the All Good Music Festival will be hosted at Berry Hill Farm in Summit Point, West Virginia on July 9-12, 2015. The festival will be celebrating their 18th year in production. After starting in West Virginia, and moving to Ohio for the past two years, the festival organizers plan to continue to move forward from their first event in 1997.


The All Good Music Festival has been know to host national and international acts on multiple stages for all audiences to enjoy. After covering the 2013 event, it was evident that the crowd was still made up of the Dead community. People looked after one another, and were a highlight of All Good. It will be interesting to see how much of the original crowd will be at the 2015 event.

We were able to cover the 2013 in Thornville, Ohio, and hope to be able to cover the festival once again in the mountains of West Virginia. Review photos from All Good 2013.


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All Good Music Festival News

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