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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Flipboard has updated their look and feel for desktop users, as well as updating the the user interface and design to a more clean and dynamic format. The new interface works well with mobile devices, especially the tablet.


The designers have adopted the parallax style of viewing content for the 2015 edition. Users can now easily scroll through media, such as video, articles on the Web, photography, audio clips, music and many more forms of art on they enjoy.

For those still new to what the Flipboard application is all about, think of it as being a playlist of articles, (comparatively to songs), that is curated for specific audiences. Check out our Flipboard page on the Web, and browse our portfolio of Flipboards within the main website.

The bad news, it is still has some tweaks to work out. Since the post is more then just a way to find the latest technology tools, it also serves as a reference guide for the designers at Flipboard.

For those die-hard Flipboard fans that have been using their service effectively will note these recent changes on their website. I am referring to the embedded magazines that users may have added to their website.

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Web users that have already added Flipboard code to their sites will now notice their content appearing differently on their sites.

  • Currently, when users copy and paste the code into their site it displays in the similar manner as our Sundance Flipboard below.
  • The embed code from before worked on this site to a degree, with some functionality. It currently is more of a redirection link for users to check out the UI/UE of Flipboard’s main website.
  • This could be functionality influx, and will probably either continue or revert back to having the content available to view on each users site. This is one reason I added the date to the title of this section.
  • I did copy the raw code, and paste it within the ‘text’ tab on WordPress. If you are using a different content management system, there is probably a similar section to add HTML code. (This is for up-and-coming Web producers. Some may not know how to work with code).


Once the bugs get flushed out, I am sure Flipboard will continue to provide an excellent tool for users to collect and arrange content for audiences all over the globe. I added the code directly to this post below, and I also added it individually on a page. Here is the wild thing about technology and the Web. I have been writing this story for an hour, and the code on my site has already been updated. Users can be on the look out for updates in the upcoming weeks.

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View my Flipboard Magazine.

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Matthew McGuire is the founder and editor of Crescent Vale News. In 2014, he acquired a master's degree in Professional Media and Media Management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.