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SXSW is stacking their deck full of breakthrough indie artists with a passion for music. This past week the festival added Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Jeff Austin and +100 artists from around the globe.


Stream the acts, and watch videos featuring the performing acts at SXSW.

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SXSWfm aired a special show to accompany these newest artist additions last night. You can listen to the archived show via SoundCloud below until Friday, February 13.


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[av_one_third first]Abram Shook (Austin TX)
All Tvvins (Dublin IRELAND)
Baby Bee (Houma LA)
B. DOLAN (Providence RI)
Betrayal (San Fernando Valley CA)
Bit Funk (Brooklyn NY)
Blue The Misfit (Dallas TX)
Braille (New York NY)
Buck 65 (Halifax CANADA)
Built By Snow (Austin TX)
Chandos (Boston MA)
Chastity Belt (Seattle WA)
Cho’zyn Boy (St Louis MO)
Cheetah Chrome (Nashville TN)
Close Talker (Saskatoon CANADA)
Codrington Pan Family (Port of Spain TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
COIN (Nashville TN)
Ross Cooper (Nashville TN)
Zella Day (Pinetop AZ)
Deebs (Mississauga CANADA)
Dessa (Minneapolis MN)
DJ Windows 98 (Montreal CANADA)
Doomtree (Minneapolis MN)
Dubb Sicks (Odessa TX)
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (Los Angeles CA)
Eva & Manu (Helsinki FINLAND)
Fight Amp (Philadelphia PA)
Guy Forsyth Band (Austin TX)
Andy Frasco & the U.N. (Los Angeles CA)
George Maple (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Get Cryphy (Minneapolis MN)
Got A Girl (San Francisco CA)
Jonny Gray (Austin TX)

[av_one_third]Ground Up (Philadelphia PA)
Hag Face (Calgary CANADA)
Brett Harris (Durham NC)
Hashback Hashish (New Delhi INDIA)
Hawthorne Heights (Dayton OH)
Hey Chica! (Zapopan MEXICO)
Lilly Hiatt (Nashville TN)
Shaun Hopper (Tampa FL)
Hugh Bob and The Hustle (Milwaukee WI)
Inner Oceans (Denver CO)
Felix Jaehn (Hamburg GERMANY)
Kali Uchis (Pereira COLOMBIA)
Kane West (London UK-ENGLAND)
Bridget Kelly (New York NY)
Jess Klein (Austin TX)
Kopecky (Nashville TN)
The Last Year (Baltimore MD)
Joel Laviolette and Rattletree (Austin TX)
Lazerbeak (Minneapolis MN)
League of Extraordinary Gz (Austin TX)
Library Voices (Regina CANADA)
Ava Luna (New York NY)
L-Vis 1990 (London UK-ENGLAND)
Main Attrakionz (Oakland CA)
Marmalakes (Austin TX)
Keath Mead (Columbia SC)
Mike Mictlan (Minneapolis MN)
Mild High Club (Chicago IL)
Hudson Mohawke (London UK-ENGLAND)
Moodie Black (Minneapolis MN)
Morning Teleportation (Bowling Green KY)[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third]My Ticket Home (Columbus OH)
Norma Jean (Atlanta GA)
Cecil Otter (Minneapolis MN)
Paper Tiger (Brooklyn NY)
Mungal Patasar (Chaguanas TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
Pet White Tiger (Austin TX)
P.O.S (Minneapolis MN)
Pouya (Miami FL)
Princess Century (Toronto CANADA)
Protex (Belfast UK-N. IRELAND)
PS I Love You (Kingston CANADA)
Rainer + Grimm (Toronto CANADA)
Reuben and the Dark (Calgary CANADA)
Rod Picott (Nashville TN)
S. Dot & Tuk-da-Gat (Austin TX)
Cody Simpson (Gold Coast AUSTRALIA)
Sims (Minneapolis MN)
SIYA (Brooklyn NY)
Skullcaster (Bertram TX)
Steve Smyth (Newtown AUSTRALIA)
Snow Tha Product (San Jose CA)
Skylar Spence (Farmingville NY)
Johnny Stimson (Dallas TX)
Stwo (Paris FRANCE)
Tang Trio (Shanghai CHINA)
Trance Farmers (New Orleans LA)
John Trudell (San Francisco CA)
Tweens (Cincinnati OH)
The Two Tens (Los Angeles CA)
Veil of Maya (Chicago IL)
Sophie Villy (Tbilisi GEORGIA)
Von Hertzen Brothers (Helsinki FINLAND)
Vulpes (Brooklyn NY)
Luke Wade (Fort Worth TX)
Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear (Kansas City MO)
The Well (Austin TX)
Wheelchair Sports Camp (Denver CO)
Wild Adriatic (Queensbury NY)
Wild Ones (Portland OR)
Mark Wilkinson (Sydney AUSTRALIA)
Shurwayne Winchester (Port of Spain TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)
YAWN (Chicago IL)[/av_one_third]

[av_one_half first]



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