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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Lotus brings their live-electronica blend to Bandcamp for a special set of remixes from their 2015 winter tour. Listen in on Bandcamp, and download the album to have it on the go. It is an excellent album for a workout, and to compare back to the originals. The Talking Heads, and David Byrne is one of the most talented musicians from the past decade. It makes sense to use his work as a layer to the latest sound in Lotus’ music catalog.


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  1. Inspector Norse
  2. The Traitor
  3. Crosseyed and Painless
  4. It Gets Funkier
  5. Ghosts N Stuff
  6. Strawberry Letter
  7. We Are Now Connected
  8. Once in a Lifetime



Spring/Summer 2015 Tour Dates

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Catch Lotus live on the road, and in Japan later in the summer for new beats, and live-electronic rock that takes guests on a ride that is an above par concert experience.


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