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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Festival Supreme is an annual event curated by Tenacious D that takes place in the heart and soul of Los Angeles, California.


IFC fuels this comedy/music festival, and is most likely bringing back the most infamous duo in rock music. After seeing Tenacious D live in concert over the years, they continue to pioneer the fusion of comedy and live rock on stage.

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Comedians of all shapes and sizes will host shows during this festival. Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Bang! Bang! was at the 2014 event, and with their success at SxSW, there is a good chance they will make a return. IFC continues to break new artists into the mainstream, and have been finding hot young talent to polish for their channel.

Stay tuned for big lineup and on-sale announcements — it’s gonna be the greatest comedy / music / mind-bending extravaganza of all time. It’s gonna be siiiiiiick… that’s a “Tenacious guarantee”

Regular priced VIP tickets are also on sale, starting today. VIP ticketholders receive express entry, VIP viewing at each stage, including the 2nd floor of the Shrine’s Expo Hall and a commemorative laminate. VIP tickets are $250, plus applicable fees. To purchase “Trust Us” or VIP tickets, visit:http://bit.ly/1y8MusH.

Ride the wave this October with the most rebellious acts in music and comedy with Festival Supreme

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