Dawn. Film by: Rose McGowan
Dawn. Film by: Rose McGowan/YouTube.

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Rose McGowan, actress and director, tells the story of a young women going through adolescence. The directing and cinematography in the film is executed well. It takes a look into the life of a girl that has the desires of being with someone, but not yet completely ready to be with another person.


The film was originally debuted at the Sundance Film Festival.

It takes place during the 1950-1960s based on the technology and culture used in the film. The film shows the repressed nature of that era, and the pros and cons behind the ideology of that time period.

The cast features: Tara, Barr, Reiley McClendon, Hannah Marks, Michael Moskewicz, Julia Sanford, John Grady.

Spoiler Warning:

This film tells a story of domestic violence.

After having one of my close friends murdered, and the local government attempted to cover it, I find this film to be disturbing.

Not only disturbing, I strongly believe that any gun violence in cinema should be banned.

As a media producer, I completely understand the the effects that content has on an audience. This is one reason, you will never find violent imagery on this website. Last night, I pointed out how Jurassic World used the crutch of gun violence in their film. It is a lazy way to create suspense and a resolution.

McGowan is an extremely talented artist that picked the wrong script.

Yes, the short film has done well for itself, but I see a deeper potential in McGowan, and will not say the words “good job” on this one.

There are heroes in this world, inspiring characters, and stories that need to be told. Hopefully McGowan will find those stories in the future.

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