Emancipator. Dusk to Dawn Remixes.
Emancipator. Dusk to Dawn Remixes.

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Emancipator, Portland producer and musician, brings 2015 a set of remixes titled Dusk To Dawn.

His bohemian production style has been aged with experience. This collection features original tracks from ODESZA, D.V.S, NKLA, Eliot Lipp as well as many more electronic dance artists.

During my first listen to ‘Eve II’ the ODESZA remix, I was reminded of the thrill of listening to new music. After being a huge fan of Emancipator’s Safe In Steep Cliffs recordI found a similar energy and production behind Dusk To Dawn.

The track ‘Valhalla (NKLA Remix)’ showcases the beat layering and structuring that is distinctly the sound of Emancipator. I felt a West Coast influence on the beat. It provides an excellent tune to ride to in the summer of 2015.

‘Merlion (D.V.S* Remix) ‘ featured the violin, electric guitar and track from D.V.S. On my first listen I imagined being in an art gallery. Emancipator’s music has always reminded me of audio in a sense of art, as well as music.

Emancipator also recently released Live in Athens which is the first Emancipator Ensemble live album. It was recorded on 2/22/14 at one of our favorite venues, The Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA. Listen in to the differences between the live and studio album. Live in Athens has extremely high audio quality for a live recording.



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