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Written by: Matthew McGuire

The North Coast Music Festival has just announced the lineup for the 2015 Silent Disco taking place at Union Park September 4-6.

30 DJs spinning across all genres from hip-hop, funk and house, to disco, trap, trance, and fresh beats to enjoy via a headphone discotheque. This section of the festival will feature a double DJ booth with two separate channels of music on every headphone, so fans will be able to switch between each DJ.

The Silent Disco at NCMF will start in the mid afternoon, and run until 9-10 p.m. Friday through Sunday. Keep an eye out for Thibault vs. Lou Dooben, DJ White Owl vs. Danger Wayne, and many more DJs going head-t0-head at North Coast.

Single & 2-Day Tickets On Sale Now

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 North Coast Music Festival 2015

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