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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Google Adwords, a service to that provides free online training for New Media marketing professionals. It is compiled of videos, graphs, and textual-based information covering the Google AdWords structure.

Mobile devices continue to rise in popularity, and the way people consume data and media continues to evolve as well. This review and introduction to AdWords is setup to help businesses market their product to the right audience.

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I have worked with the training process for two days, and have already seen serious developments in the way I write on the Web. The online training is an excellent resource provided by Google to become more familiar with their products.

For those that have not yet worked with Google AdWords, but need help marketing a business, product or idea should review the training process to build a better understanding of how online advertising works with Google.

Small business owners that advertise can look over these introduction videos and compare the advertising rates in their budget. It may depend on the business for the effectiveness of the online platform.

One major benefit that I find with Google AdWords/Analytics is the ability to find out statistical data about the audience that are using the ads, and how they interact with content online.

Google announced a new update concerning multi-channel decisions using different devices to make a decision on a product. They have also recently released updates for the AdWords application on mobile devices.

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Watch and absorb the data in these short and concise videos from Google AdWords on YouTube. Become accustomed with keywords, campaigns and how to use Google AdWords.

There is now 17 more languages offered for their certification training with Google AdWords. Complete online training to build responsive and effective online advertisements.



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AdWords mobile users can now download the app to their smart phones and update their keywords and campaigns in real time.

Keep your budget updated on the move. Look over keywords, and add new phases that come to mind when traveling.

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