The Downtown Project. Image by: Morgan Spurlock / Tribeca / YouTube
The Downtown Project. Image by: Morgan Spurlock / Tribeca / YouTube

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Morgan Spurlock, director of The Downtown Project, shows the brighter side of downtown Las Vegas with a restoration project. Tribeca Digital Studios is working with filmmakers to connect audiences to their material.


This film focuses on rebuilding the downtown area in Las Vegas. Watch the documentary, share it, and get involved with your developmental projects in a city nearby.

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Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) follows this tantalizing journey through the unique characters finding prosperity in the most unlikely places. Their passion continues to create a thriving downtown Vegas for the first time since the 1950’s.

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Downtown Vegas prides itself on hard work and the development of local businesses to inspire a growing entrepreneurial spirit within the community. This documentary takes a look at the hard-working nature behind Las Vegas.

A local initiative known as The Downtown Project champions small businesses by partnering with owners to make dreams happen and to bring a community out of the shadows.

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