Emancipator, Seven Seas album cover.
Emancipator, Seven Seas album cover.

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Emancipator has just released Seven Seas on Loci Records, and is now available to stream and download on Bandcamp.

The Emancipator Ensemble will be hitting the road this fall in support of the new album. Check out the tour dates below. Stream Seven Seas, and watch a video for Ocelot.

The producer from Portland has experimented with a wide range of styles in music. This album reminds me of his work on his first two albums. The downtempo emotional draw pulls me in like a moth to a flame.

Seven Seas sends listeners on a virtual walking tour of the steep cliffs in Portland, and puts them right on the edge. Just waiting for more from Emancipator.

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Seven Seas – Credits

Asher Fulero (keys, fx); Ilya Goldberg (violin); Cedar Miller (percussion)
SEVEN SEAS: Madelyn Grant (lyrics, vocals) Ilya Goldberg (violin); Marley Carroll (moog voyager pad)
1993: Robin Jackson (clarinet); Mub Fractal (bass); Thacher Schmid (violin); Cedar Miller (percussion)
OCELOT: Ilya Goldberg (tambura, violin, keys)
VISION QUEST: Robin Jackson (clarinet, saxophone); Thacher Schmid (mandocaster); Asher Fulero (nord fx)
LAND & SEA: Molly Parti (lyrics, vocals); Gina Sobel (flute); Asher Fulero (keys); Fernando Bispo (keys)
CANOPY: Cedar Miller (percussion, didgeridoo, flute); Amy Obensky (vocals); Jamie Janover (hammered dulcimer)
DELTA TRANCE: Thacher Schmid (mandocaster, violin, viola); Asher Fulero (keys, fx); Fernando Bispo (keys, fx)
THE KEY: Ilya Goldberg (violin); Mub Fractal (bass); Jamie Janover (hammered dulcimer); Cedar Miller (percussion)
HONEY: Robin Jackson (clarinet, saxopohone); Asher Fulero (keys); Thacher Schmid (mandocaster)
OASIS: Asher Fulero (keys); Ilya Goldberg (sansula)
BARNACLES: Marc Sciglimpaglia (OP-1 synth)


Emancipator on the road

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National News

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