Caravan Palace album cover. Image by: Caravan Palace
Caravan Palace <|°_°|> album cover. Image by: Caravan Palace

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

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Photo by: Antoine Delaporte

Caravan Palace, is a collection of Paris-based, electronic dance musicians including: Arnaud Vial on guitare, programmation. Charles Delaporte plays contrebasse, programmation. Hugues Payen is on violon, programmation, scat. Toustou aka. Mighty Mezz  performs machines, trombone, programmation. Colotis Zoé helps with vocals and chan. Chapi on clarinette and Paul-Marie Barbier performs the vibraphone, brushes.

Dive into the electro dance swing from the clubs of Paris with Caravan Palace.

The band has a new record titled <|°_°|>, on Le Plan Recordings, and will be available in the U.S. October 16.

Caravan Palace will return to the U.S. to tour in spring 2016; dates will be announced shortly. They are currently touring European countries.

Listen into to ‘Comics’ below, and connect with Flood Magazine to check out ‘Russian’ before the album’s release on Friday, October 16.

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Caravan Palace “Lone Digger” and “Tattoos” on Later…with Jools Holland on BBC2. This version of Lone Digger is different from the 30 min show that aired earlier in the week.


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Stream ‘Russian’ by Caravan Palace on Flood Magazine

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Tour Dates

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Music News

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