Basin to Benin / Tarot. Album art by: Dave Watt / Lotus
Basin to Benin / Tarot. Album art by: Dave Watt / Lotus

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Lotus has released two new tracks hot off the press. Basin to Benin / Tarot showcases the band’s depth to produce music with different genres, as well as deliver a progressive electronic rock track to groove to.

This progressive project was recorded and mixed at Miner Street Studio in Philadelphia with Matt Schimelfenig.

The Soul Rebels horns was recorded by Tim Stambaugh at Word of Mouth in New Orleans. Produced by Jesse Miller and Luke Miller.

Stream and download a copy of Basin to Benin / Tarot on BandcampScan over tour dates, and a live recording of ‘Jump Off’ below.

Basin to Benin / Tarot by Lotus

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7″ Vinyl

45rpm 7″ vinyl. Edition of 500

Album available on Bandcamp.

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Tour Dates


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