Crackle, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with President Barack Obama. Photo by: Crackle
Crackle, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with President Barack Obama. Photo by: Crackle

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Crackle, an entertainment production company, broadcasts a show called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee hosted by Jerry Seinfeld.

After a series of successful interviews with comedians, Jerry Seinfeld continues to push the boundaries of his show focused around comedy, and branches out to interview guests in different fields of work that overlay with comedy.

President Barack Obama has been one of the most comedic, intelligent, witty, and entertaining presidents I have seen personally. I’m sure JFK would give him a good run for his money, but overall President Obama has been an excellent sport about taking criticism, and handling it with a professional edge.

Jerry Seinfeld, actor and comedian, interviews President Obama in a casual manner to pick his brain on politics, automotive cultural and comedy.

Watch the clip below, and catch the entire episode with Crackle online.

President Obama shares his most embarrassing moment, his favorite snack, playing golf with Larry David, and how politics relates to strategy.

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“Are you still doing standup?” – President Obama

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