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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Each year we celebrate the most-viewed Web articles that caught the eyes and attention of the world. As an independent media outlet with six years of experience, our goal is to continue to bridge cultural gaps with multimedia.

Over 200 countries worldwide collectively share, watch and consume our content each month. It is an honor to continue to produce content for consumers on the Web.

In 2015, we started advertising with Google Adsense and Adwords. If you are a business or media producer looking to generate revenue with online advertising, Google Adsense is a smart option to look into.

Companies that want to expand their reach, connect with more customers during their shopping process online, should review Google Adwords. Both tools are excellent for companies to use to build revenue, and acquire new customers.

After setting up Adwords and Adsense halfway through 2015, our media outlet witnessed substantial gains in our page views.

We doubled our page views on our main website in 2015 in comparison to 2014. 

Take a look back at our recap from 2014.

In 2015, we reached on a monthly average over 50-70 more countries per month. Web-based companies with deeper pockets can throw money behind a project, and buy larger audiences, but our company continues to pave a road that is built for the long-term experience. We have been slowly growing to be able to reach more people, as well as not watering down the product.

This year started out with coverage of the Sundance Film Festival. It was the first time I covered an event off location, but what I found out, is that it is not always important to record content on location, but rather, to give an outlet for artists to reach global audiences. We produced over 1.8 million views for Sundance on our Google+ page in the first month of 2015.

As our outlet continued to publish engaging content this year, we helped share and interact with events at SXSW.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss spoke at the Interactive conference in Austin, and helped inform the public about the use of Bitcoin. We connected with them on Twitter, and found ways to inform the public about alternatives forms of currency.

We covered music festivals including: Hangout Music Festival, Bonnaroo, Hulaween and local events in Southern Illinois.

This year we brought on Jessa Brooke as a writer and media producer. She continues to highlight topics from the environment to technology.

Over the past year we have connected with millions of viewers worldwide. Our Google+ page has seen above average growth in comparison to other social networks. Our YouTube channel has generated over a quarter of a million views this year. We recently had our biggest day in history with over 2,200 views in one day.

The Crescent Vale Google+ page generated over 7.5 million views in 2015. We have produced over 1.25 million views in December. 

Now, we look at the top ten Web articles from our 2015 vault.

Top 10: Web Articles for 2015

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  1. Farm Aid 2015 Lineup featuring Nelson, Young, Matthews + Musgraves
  2. North Coast Music Festival 2015 | Lineup Announcement
  3. Austin City Limits Music Festival | 2015 Lineup

National News

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