Brooke Waggoner. Promotional still for her upcoming new album Sweven. Photo provided.
Brooke Waggoner. Promotional still for her upcoming new album Sweven. Photo provided.

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

The buzz circling Brooke Waggoner, and her latest album Swevenhas helped produce a national tour to kick off 2016. Waggoner and company will have the opportunity to open for Wilco at NPR’s Mountain Stage in February.


The tour kicks off tonight with a show at Vintage White’s Market in Loveland, Colorado. This national string of shows continues with stops in Los Angeles, Dallas, Knoxville, New York City and several more locations in the US.

Her upcoming album Sweven, is produced on Swoon Moon Music Records.

Waggoner, a Nashville-based artist, has tailored a soulful, heart-pounding form of rock that sucks in audiences worldwide.

Originally from Texas, Waggoner continues to craft a wide range of songs that appeal to different listeners.

Stream and tune into to her latest songs from the upcoming album Sweven out on January 15.

Stream and preview Sweven with

Ovenbird off the album Sweven

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Widow Maker – Sweven

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* with Good Buddy
† with Wilco
‡ with Eternals
§  with The Cowards Choir & Angela Sheik
** with The Cowards Choir 

January 8—Loveland, CO—Vintage White’s Market
January 10—Los Angeles, CA —Hotel Cafe
January 16—Nashville, TN —EastSide Manor *
January 28—Dallas, TX —Musicbed In-House Concert Series
February 14—Charleston, WV—NPR’s Mountain Stage †
February 16—Boston, MA—Berklee’s Cafe 939 ‡
February 17—New York, NY—Rockwood
February 19—Philadelphia, PA— World Cafe Live §
February 20—Washington, D.C.—Sixth & I Historic Synagogue * *
February 27—Knoxville, TN—Central Collective
March 3 —Oxford, MS—Thacker Mountain Radio @ Lyric
March 4 —Oxford, MS —Music in The Hall


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Grab a copy of Sweven on January 15 with Amazon.

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