Cardboard Crash still shot. Photo by: Sundance Film Festival / YouTube
Cardboard Crash still shot. Photo by: Sundance Film Festival / YouTube

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

VRSE has taken over the virtual reality field at the Sundance Film Festival this year. The 3D simulation puts the user in a 360 degree environment.

Each year the Sundance Film Festival scouts the latest trends in motion picture technology, and invites the brightest minds in cinematography to Utah to share their work.

The festival has put together the Sundance VR app to currently highlight virtual reality films at the festival. After I reviewed that app, I went on to download the Vrse – Virtual Reality app with Google Play / iTunes download link. The application has films available, but users do have to download the films. These projects can be downloaded to removable memory cards, additionally films on the Vrse app can be removed from the device after the viewing experience.

Vrse has made a big impact at the festival this year with interactive documentaries featuring stories from Liberia and Cuba.

Sundance Film Festival 2016: New Frontier

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Vrse – Virtual Reality

Waves of Gracea virtual reality project based in Liberia, showcases the rebuilding of a community that has suffered from Ebola. Decontee Davis, an Ebola survivor shares her unique perspective. The interactive storytelling brought me directly into her world.

A History of Cuban Dancefilm by Lucy Walker, displays dance cultural in Cuba. The mix of rumba, mambo, cha-cha-chá, salsa, breakdancing, and reggaeto all combines together through generations of history. This film transcends viewers to Cuba the share informative dance theory.

New Frontier at Sundance will be hosting events to connect the virtual reality filmmakers with the audience during the festival.

Sundance also works with YouTube to preview and cover virtual reality projects.

Watch a preview for Cardboard Crash by Vincent McCurley and the NFB Digital Studio. Learn more about the history of virtual reality at Sundance, and find out more on the future of multidimensional cinema.

10 Years of New Frontier at Sundance

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Cardboard Crash Sundance Trailer

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New Frontier: Cardboard Crash

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Sundance Film Festival News

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