Twitch digital graphic. Logo by: Wikimedia Commons
Twitch digital graphic. Logo by: Wikimedia Commons

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Adobe Creative Cloud is providing live streaming this week on Twitch to help roll out Adobe Animate CC. Web developers will now be able to make rich and beautiful animations, and have them export out with HTML5.


Adobe Animate CC, formerly known as Adobe Flash Professional CC, has repackaged their software to provide innovative options to help producers create interactive animations faster than ever before. HTML5 is becoming the new standard for Web development, and has been fully integrated with Adobe Animate CC.

After years of Adobe trying to skim down Flash, the company has now found a way to export around the coding. It will help media producers on the Web generate revenue with ads that have been prevented by Flash. That income will be able to help stimulate the economy. Overall, I am for the transition away from Flash.

For more information on the latest trends in media production, the Adobe live stream on Twitch is a good way to research how other producers are putting together content.

In the first hour of viewing the live stream, Adobe has presented painting, fine art, video editing, and live tutorials with Premiere Pro.

Stream the live coverage of Adobe on Twitch. Connect with the Adobe at:

Adobe Live Stream on Twitch

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Adobe Animate CC 

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  • New drawing and authoring tools like vector art brushes and a 360° rotatable canvas give you more ways to express your creativity.
  • Adobe CreativeSync integration brings you the power of Creative Cloud Libraries, Adobe Stock and Typekit directly within Animate.
  • Flexible output formats let you export videos with 4K+ resolution for UltraHD displays, or optimize and repurpose existing content.


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Matthew McGuire is the founder and editor of Crescent Vale News. In 2014, he acquired a master's degree in Professional Media and Media Management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.