197.66 Total Tons of Recycling Materials Recovered

The Bonnaroo Music Festival has released their 2015 Sustainability Report with data covering how the festival takes a proactive stance on supporting the environmental, as well as giving guests an unforgettable live experience.

A few of the highlights from the report includes:

  • 9 Solar Phone Charging Stations on Location
  • 144.16 tons hauled commingled to Orange Grove Recycling and RockTenn Recycling in Chattanooga, TN.
  • 400 attendees offset their personal travel to site with We are Neutral.

One of the biggest moves the festival has taken over the past year has been installing toilettes and showers on location. As the festival continues to build and construct new amenities to the area, I see this as an opportunity to share some ideas on how to make Bonnaroo even better.

Below is a short list of ideas that I present for environmental goals:

  • Solar panel trees. Charging stations is a good start, but with the lack of shade at the festival, I see a future of shared areas with solar panels providing energy for cooling off guests, watching large screen monitors of live performances taking place on different stages, and weather proof furniture.
  • Renewable energy tent. I’ve seen some solar power vans, and small scale performance areas, I am looking forward to the main tents being covered in solar panels. Over the years of attending Bonnaroo since 2002, I’ve seen technical problems take place due to a lack of power. One major goal would be to have a reliable power grid for all guests to plug into. Each campsite should have an electrical hookup.
  • Water filtration system. The water at Bonnaroo needs a state of the art filtering system. In addition, more available clean water near campsites.

Scan over the entire Sustainability Report from the 2015 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival.

Bonnaroo 2015 Sustainability Report by Bonnaroo.com

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