Tesla Motors in Hong Kong. Photo by: Tesla Motos / YouTube
Tesla Motors in Hong Kong. Photo by: Tesla Motos / YouTube

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Tesla Motors is experiencing a rocky start to 2016 in the US stock market. Technology-based stocks are taking an overall hit in the financial markets during the past few weeks.

As a global brand, Tesla Motors is experiencing growth worldwide. A current positive trend in the international automotive market is the influx of electric cars from other automotive manufactories. BMW in Germany, and Nissan from Japan are both producing electric cars.

In 2015, the Tesla Model S was the highest selling all-electric car models in the United States at 25,700 units, followed closely by the Nissan Leaf, of which 17,269 units were sold. – (Source at: statista.com)

Each automotive company is looking for features and options to provide consumers to experience on the road. Tesla Motors has recently released an autopilot update programmed into the software within the vehicles.

As the leading electric car company in the US continues to expand, Tesla Motors has been helping curb pollution in Hong Kong.

In a report by The Motley Fool, they review the emerging market in China for electric vehicles.

“I actually believe Hong Kong will be the leading city in the world for electric cars,” Musk said.

Acknowledging the market’s small yet fast-growing start, Tesla cited data on the 270% year-over-year growth in EV registrations in Hong Kong in 2015. And Tesla is leading the sudden jump in EV sales. Of the more than 4,000 EVs in the market, most of them are Tesla vehicles.

Currently, Tesla Motors is searching for a site to construct a factory in China. Once the Model 3 is road-tested, the company is planning on releasing the model in Hong Kong and additional international locations.

The electric car paradigm shift is an ongoing transition around the world. Each developed country is adopting new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

A benefit of the Internet is the ability for people to connect and become aware on how to help protect the environment, at the same time as saving them money in the long run.

Later this month the company will be releasing their fourth quarter results. Scan over and watch how their latest software update helps drivers on the road.

Tesla Motors on YouTube

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