Tesla Motors factory. Photo by: Steve Jurvetson
Tesla Motors factory. Photo by: Steve Jurvetson

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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Tesla Motors has announced they will be taking pre-orders for their Model 3 in March. This marks a huge step forward for the electric car company.


After releasing the Model X and Model S, Tesla Motors is now producing an electric car that will cost $35,000 before incentives. Bloomberg Business shared insight from Tesla Motors.

“We can confirm it’s $35,000 before incentives,” a Tesla spokeswoman, Khobi Brooklyn, told Bloomberg. “We haven’t changed our minds.” 

Automobile owners will be able to transition away from fossil fuels with financial ease with the Model 3. In addition to cutting back CO2 emissions, Tesla Motors is producing the safest cars on the road.

This past January, the northeast experience a harsh snowstorm. The Guardian reports that 19 people died in car-related accidents. Car owners will be able to start their Tesla vehicles from an app on their phone inside locations. The tires are made to drive in snow, and overall, Tesla produces is the safest car on the road.

Tesla’s stock has taken a dip recently until today. The stock jumped over %6 by midday trading. The word of an economical, electric-powered vehicle is starting to spread. With the companies having the largest amount of charging stations, 2016 and 2017 will be the defining years for Tesla Motors.

Watch and review Bloomberg Business’ insight on how the Tesla Motors stock.

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