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Written by: Matthew McGuire

Amazon has compiled a list of the most romantic cities in the United States. Their method in which they gathered their information was unconventional, but their data does show insight into modern romance.

A few margin of errors with their testing is population density, Amazon locations available around the US, and the concept that being romantic means you have to be a consumer. That being said, most of these cities would make excellent locations to take a date out on Valentine’s Day.

The company released a statement with format they used to create the list of the most romantic locations.

The list is determined by a compilation of sales data from cities with more than 100,000 residents on a per capita basis and includes purchases of romance novels and relationship books (both Kindle and print); romantic comedy movies (DVDs and digital); a curated list of romantic music, including artists like Barry White, Maxwell, Miguel, and Luther Vandross (CDs and MP3 format); as well as the sales of sexual wellness products.

Four cities in the state of Washington made the list. The southeast dominated their results with the top four spots.

Scan over the top 20 list, and grab items on the go with Amazon Prime this upcoming Valentine’s Day.

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1) Alexandria, Va.

2) Atlanta, Ga.

3) Miami, Fla.

4) Knoxville, Tenn.

5) Orlando, Fla.

6) Vancouver, Wash.

7) Cincinnati, Ohio

8) Columbia, S.C.

9) Pittsburgh, Pa.

10) Round Rock, Texas.

11) Ann Arbor, Mich.

12) Salt Lake City, Utah.

13) Scottsdale, Ariz.

14) Everett, Wash.

15) Gainesville, Fla.

16) Seattle, Wash.

17) Wilmington, N.C.

18) Rochester, N.Y.

19) Dayton, Ohio.

20) Bellevue, Wash.


Amazon Prime Now & Valentine’s Day

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