Ripe Near Me screenshot. Photo by: Ripe Near Me / YouTube
Ripe Near Me screenshot. Photo by: Ripe Near Me / YouTube

Share, Swap or Sell Fresh Food

Ripe Near Me presents a digital way to communicate in the field of agriculture. If you are familiar with farmers markets, think of their website as a digitized version to a local farmers market.

In an era where individuals are utilizing data, Ripe Near Me offers an online platform to share fresh produce.

Alistair Martin and Helena Martin from Adelaide, Australia started the network in 2012. They are currently still testing the website in a beta version. For those living in the United States, it works well for areas that have fertile soil and a healthy agriculture business.

The main website is easy to navigate. With the data available on the Web, this tool is an excellent way to connect with people in your area with similar interests in agriculture.

Utilizing a garden for personal consumption is a healthy and economical way to consume food.

Depending on the size of a garden, some farmers may want to sell excess resources to buyers online. Farmers can find additional avenues of revenue by sharing information about their produce.

Watch a video showcasing the network, and connect with farmers in your area.

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