The Heirs. Photo provided.
The Heirs. Photo provided.

LA Electro-Pop Lights Up Texas

The Heirs, Los Angeles-based industrial rockers will be taking their synthesized sound to venues all over downtown Austin for SXSW Music 2016.

The Heirs sound is fresh and intoxicating. 

The band is one of the hottest acts set to make their mark on the SXSW landscape. They currently have seven performances set over March 16-19. Rooftop live concerts have been trending at SXSW with venues utilizing their space.

The Heirs debut four-track EP Ecliptic is out now. The band features Brandon Hudson (lead vocals/guitar), Savannah Hudson(lead vocals), Alex Flagstad (guitar), Eian McNeely (bass/keys) and Brennan Benko (drums).
Scan over the band’s SXSW Music concerts, and stay updated with their Twitted feed. Watch their latest video for ‘Lies’ on YouTube.


The Heirs in Austin for SXSW Music

March 16—Speakeasy—10:00 P.M.
March 17—Ramones Tribute at Maggie Mae’s—10:00 P.M.
March 18—Whole Foods Market Rooftop Plaza—1:25 P.M.
March 18—Paradigm Showcase at Stubbs—8:40 P.M.
March 19—iHeart Austin Showcase at Maggie Mae’s—1:00 P.M.
March 19—Best ‘Lil Big Fest at Tiniest Bar in Texas—4:10 P.M.
March 19—Brass House—6:20 P.M.