Murmuration logo. Photo provided.
Murmuration, a music/technology/science festival in St. Louis. Photo provided.

Music, Technology, Art, Science & Innovative Culture Converges at Murmuration

St. Louis will be hosting an new innovative multimedia conference titled Murmuration.

The inaugural event will take place September 23-25 with multiple stages located throughout the Cortex Innovation Community campus. For those outside the St. Louis area, it is located on Forest Park Avenue.

In addition, the LouFest Music Festival have announced their 2016 dates:

LouFest 2016 will be held September 10-11.

Brian Cohen, Founder of LouFest will also be working with the Murmuration event. The month of September will be filled with interactive live events throughout St. Louis.

This year marks the seventh annual LouFest, and will be held in Forest Park. LouFest features more live music performances. In contrast to Murmuration, that event will focus more on open discussions in technology and science, as well as providing live entertainment.

“The event welcomes innovators, scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs to share their work via conversations, talks, panel discussions, and music performances. The goal is to bring world-class thinkers and doers to St. Louis and to introduce the public to the remarkable innovation currently underway within Cortex and the region.” – Murmuration main website

Brian Cohen, LouFest Founder

“This is an opportunity for us to create a truly unique event for St. Louis.” says Brian Cohen. “We will challenge people intellectually and stimulate them creatively. It will be exciting to experience the synergy when all of these elements come together.”

Dennis Lower, Cortex CEO

“When I came to St. Louis five years ago I was immediately impressed with the abundance of cultural, creative and intellectual assets housed in the region.  Murmuration is a time-out for St. Louisans to smell the roses and celebrate the goodness of what we do and explore the interactions between science, technology, art, and music,” says Dennis Lower.