Duplass brothers at SXSW Film 2016. Photo by: SXSW / YouTube
Duplass brothers at SXSW Film 2016. Photo by: SXSW / YouTube

Mark & Jay Give Insight on the Film and Television Industry

The talented Mark and Jay Duplass stopped by SXSW to give insight on how they developed from the working the indie circuit in Austin to producing films and projects with filmmakers around the country.

This year the Duplass Brothers helped produced Linas Phillips’ Rainbow Time and Alex Lehmann’s Asperger’s Are Us at SXSW Film.


During a question and answer with the audience, a fan asked, ‘what are three bands that would be on your dream soundtrack, money, and rights or no object?’

“The interesting thing is when you are doing a show for HBO, rights to songs are a little bit cheaper because they don’t have to go in theaters. So, we actually realized we can get big songs now.

One of the first ones we went to was Fleetwood Mac. That is a big band for us. Not only because we love the music, and grew up listening to it in the weirdly polished, vinyl backseats of our parents cars growing up. But the spirit of that band, and how they needed each other so badly despite the conflicts, despite how any five of those members could have lead their own band, and have been good at it, but they made the ultimate five person transformer, and made the great band. It always appeals to us, and we always think about that when we are going off and doing our solo projects. People want Fleetwood Mac dude, they don’t want that weird Lindsey Buckingham solo record. Like nobody gives a shit about that, (laughs). That’s one for me.” – Mark Duplass

“Stevie Nicks did pretty good.” – Jay Duplass

“Stevie Nicks did alright. That’s a good point.” – Mark Duplass

SXSW guest, ‘Holiday Road’ is a great soundtrack song for what it is worth.

“Damn, deep cut. I don’t know, I’m listening to Fleet Foxes right now.” – Jay Duplass

Listen to the entire conversation featuring the Duplass Brothers on YouTube via SXSW.

A Conversation with the Duplass Brothers | SXSW Film 2016


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