Silicon Valley Season 3 still shot, Photo by: HBO / YouTube
Silicon Valley Season 3 still shot, Photo by: HBO / YouTube

HBO’s Emmy-Winning & Golden Globe-Nominated Comedy Series Returns for Season 3

Silicon Valley has just released a trailer for their 3rd season coming out on Sunday, April 24.

The cast and crew stopped by SXSW Interactive to give insight on behind the scenes production for the show.


“We always looked at them as the Bad News Bears or Delta House where their constantly outsiders trying to crack the big machine.” – Alec Berg, Executive Producer

During the discussion the cast and crew cover how accurate they try to be when producing the show. At one point, a producer brings up that over %90 of venture capitalists are males. In an era when art imitates life, and vice versa, I suggest writing in more women into the story lines to be ahead of the curve, instead of being behind it.

The show covers a fictional rise of a technology company in the San Jose, California area. Just south of San Francisco is a collection of large scale tech companies, the show mirrors problems and obstacles that entrepreneurs face trying to break into the business.

In Season 3, the main characters face working with new teammates. A new CEO, “Action Jack” Barker (Stephen Tobolowsky) will be on board this season.

Silicon Valley: Making the World a Better Place | SXSW Convergence 2016