Trailer Park Boys still shot. Photo by: Netflix / YouTube
Trailer Park Boys still shot. Photo by: Netflix / YouTube

Welcome to Sunnyvale

Netflix is releasing the tenth season for the Trailer Park Boys on Monday, March 28. The show originally was produced as a independent short film. It has grown to produce 10 seasons of entertaining film.

Watch the trailer for Season 10 via YouTube.


Trailer Park Boys – Season 10 – Trailer

Sunnyvale is opening a new economic hotspot with a casino, resort and healing retreat. The boys return to Netflix for Season 10. This year, they are networking with Snoop Dogg to help manage the new entrepreneurs.

Snoop Dogg adds to the dysfunction of the trailer park. His comedic energy works well with the characters on the show. Snoop’s juxtaposition to the other characters creates an entertaining presence before he even engages in dialogue.

After building a successful following at the birth of streaming, Trailer Park Boys continues to deliver vulgar comedy, with a heart-filled twist. I have seen several seasons of the show, and their inability to sell pot, interact with society and one another is entertaining, but not in a highbrow manner.

In a way, the show is easily relatable for people living in trailer parks, or nearby. Each neighborhood has quirks, and Sunnyvale has countless amounts of them to poke fun at in Season 10.

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