Gurukulam (One Without A Second) still shot. Photo provided.
Gurukulam (One Without A Second) still shot. Photo provided.

Gurukulam (One Without A Second) Will Screen in New York on June 3rd and Los Angeles June 10th

Gurukulam (meaning: family of the teacher; traditional place of study)

The film Gurukulam (One Without A Second) by Jillian Elizabeth and Neil Dalal is being released on a selection of screens to showcase the roots of the Yoga movement.


“Gurukulam is one of those rare films that speaks to both a niche audience within the realm of conscious cinema and also to arthouse audiences,” said Matson VP of Marketing Hannah Campbell. “Its immersive environment creates an experience for viewers beyond the sheer thematic content, which is truly where the enchantment lies.”

Matson Films will be releasing this project, and have picked up on the experiential movement of vérité filmmaking used by Jillian and Neil.

“When we entered the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in rural India,” said filmmakers Elizabeth and Dalal, “we discovered a place that was both ancient and contemporary—a unique contemplative world and a necessary contrast to urban society. We knew that we had to approach the subject in an exceptional and non-traditional manner in order to convey its essence.”

Matson Films recently worked on an award-winning 2014 documentary, Awake: The Life Of Yogananda, about the Hindu swami who brought yoga and meditation to the West. Gurukulam (One Without A Second) is in the same vein, but different bloodline.

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