Tesla Motors Model 3. Photo by: Tesla Motors / YouTube
Tesla Motors Model 3. Photo by: Tesla Motors / YouTube

Elon Musk Promises More Cowbells + RWD & AWD

Tesla Motors has recently debuted their Model 3 on March 31. CNBC reported on Thursday that the car company has acquired over 325,000 orders for the Model 3.

Elon Musk estimated that 275,000 orders will be made by Saturday. Tesla Motors Model 3 provides a competitive price point around $35,000, in addition with the supercharge fueling stations, it is giving the automotive industry a real run for its money.


The stock has seen some turbulence today is the financial markets. When you review the stocks long-term trend, it shows good signs overall, but the company is having problems fulfilling the orders behind the demand.

An overall compelling trend is how Tesla has shown a demand for electric automotive vehicles after major automotive companies have misinformed the public about demand for two decades.

The fossil fuel industry will need to adapt to the evolving needs and demands from the public. Clean and renewable energy will continue to gain popularity as more evidence behind the unhealthy effects from carbon emissions continue to be displayed in all sections of the world.

Tesla Unveils Model 3


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