Google Project Bloks. Photo by: Google / YouTube
Google Project Bloks. Photo by: Google / YouTube

Research and Develop the Future of Technology

Google Project Bloks is reshaping the way we see physical programming and provides insight on how to build skills in hardware production. It works as as open source platform for designers and researchers to communicate and share ideas.

Check out a photo from Google Project Bloks of the Base Board they plan to use.


The project is still in active research, but IDEO’s Coding Kit will be available for kids to play with at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA and at the Science Museum in London, UK. The website notes that the Coding Kit is not in commercial use yet.

Researchers, educators and engineers can sign up for updates on Project Bloks via the main website.

Introducing Project Bloks

“The goal of Project Bloks is to develop an open online platform that provides designers, developers and researchers everything they need to create a tangible programming experience for kids.” – Maggie Johnson Director of Education at Google


With Project Bloks, learning to code goes from the screen into kids’ hands →

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