Tesla Model S. Elon Musk is the largest shareholder in both Tesla and SolarCity. Photo by: jurvetson (Steve Jurvetson)
Tesla Model S. Elon Musk is the largest shareholder in both Tesla and SolarCity. Photo by: jurvetson (Steve Jurvetson)

Develop a Self-Driving Capability that is 10X Safer than Manual via Massive Fleet Learning

Elon Musk and Tesla Motors have laid out their upcoming plans for the company. These upcoming plans include: trucks, safer self-driving automobiles, producing solar panel roofing and hopefully creates a system to allow Tesla vehicles to make money for consumers.

Solar City, a company focused on producing solar panel technology, has recently been in talks with Musk about merging together with Tesla Motors.


Despite the company taking a financial hit after a fatal crash car involving their self-driving technology, Tesla Motors and the company has bounced back.

From a personal standpoint, I suggest drivers not use the self-driving function for another 10 years. I personally don’t trust computers to keep my bank account safe, (after already having my account “compromised” in the past) and I sincerely doubt I will ever trust computer technology with my life anytime soon.

One of my close friends ordered a Tesla vehicle recently. He opted out of the self-driving function that would have cost close to $2,500 for the car he ordered. An interesting piece to his order was when he informed me that he was originally going to have to wait months to receive his car, but the company dramatically sped up his wait time to less than a week. This indication shows the company speeding up production to meet their goals.

The companies stock is trading in the same price range that is has been in for years. If you review the five year analytics to the stock price, the only negative sign the company has shown was in April of this year when the company did not hit their stock price of 280 per share, and was down to 254 a share. Overall, I don’t see that as a major red flag when you put into perspective that the company is heavily investing into the product line right now, and have yet to seriously draw revenue back out of their investment.

The Wall Street Journal video below speaks with a “professional analyst” on the companies ability to meet demand. It is my theory, that this is propaganda bought and delivered by competitors from other car companies. It is always good to review a range of different media outlets to arrive at a viewpoint on any topic.

Elon Musk Announces Tesla’s Latest ‘Master Plan’