Picture This screenshot. Photo by: Crackle / YouTube
Picture This screenshot. Photo by: Crackle / YouTube

Sony Pictures Hosts an International Film Competition

The Picture This Festival purpose is provide a platform for filmmakers to share their stories and insight on successful skills or actions that could lead to a more environmentally safe climate.

The festival has noted that eight participating network groups will accept entries from countries in their territories, which will be evaluated by a panel of judges. Participating regions include the U.K, Spain and Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Latin America, Asia, the U.S. and Central Europe. Winners will be chosen based on the power of their storytelling and their illustration of the Picture This campaign: Picture a Better World.


Crackle is partnering with Picture This and Sony Pictures Television Networks. This is a worldwide initiative for filmmakers to produce independent work, as well as a chance for the U.S. channels to support National Parks. Additionally, other outlets will cover topics and issues from across the globe, such as recycling in Russia; eliminating plastic bag use in Asia; waste disposal in Italy and India; saving the rhino in South Africa; urban gardening in Latin America; and deforestation in Romania.

Watch the call for submission video below, and connect your ideas with the Picture This application.

Call for Submission - Picture This

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